Chapter 13: 5-1 Pieces

Chapter 13: 5-1 Pieces

In Which Soquan and Trey Settle On the Share the Otter Will Take.


Catamount says: Soon the crush of mice behind the travelers and Trey begins to dissipate as they return to their work in side tunnels. Jozra makes note of the few who are rather reluctant to leave, though. The three finally come to a curtain suspended across a doorway carved into the rock.

Arrin says: He murmurs to Jozra. “What do you see?”

Catamount says: She gazes about. “It’s really quite marvelous. Seems as though they carved an office right out of the rock. And it’s a large office too. Looks like there are tunnels leading off to other places too.”

Arrin says: He grins, old memories flooding in. “Wonderful.”

Catamount says: Trey indicates a pair of comfy looking armchairs. “Have a seat.”

Arrin says: He nods and he feels his way towards the chairs. He flops down with a contented sigh.

Catamount says: Jozra follows and sits in the other comfortable chair. “Ahh…”

Arrin says: He grins. “So how’ve you been?”

Catamount says: The mouse sits in the large chair behind a desk. “Quite well, actually. We’ve had quite a run of successes recently.”

Arrin says: He nods. “That’s good.”

Catamount says: Trey nods and settles back. “So! What brings the two of you down our way?”

Arrin says: He sits back, crossing one leg over the other. “I’m here for a bit of my share.”

Catamount says: Both mouse and ferret quirk their eyebrows, though for different reasons. Trey says, “Go on…”

Arrin says: “Come on, when we found this place, we agreed everything went 50/50.”

Catamount says: Jozra simply stares between the two. MOST unexpected indeed. Trey frowns slightly. “ Everything, Soquan? And right away? I’ve had to expand the effort and many of these mice now take home a share in compensation for their efforts…”

Arrin says: He frowns, thinking. “Then how much of my share is left?”

Catamount says: Trey steeples his fingers. “That depends on how much you’re planning on taking at the moment. It fluctuates, my friend. There will, of course, always be the reserve for you to take. It just depends on how much of your current share that you want.”

Arrin says: He shakes his head. “Not a lot, two or four of the class 5-1 pieces.”

Catamount says: The mouse breathes a sigh of relief. “I was afraid you were here to take it all!  That’s no problem at all, my friend.”

Arrin says: He grins. “Good, now what do you say about getting us a nice bath and some food?”

Catamount says: Trey smiles and bobs his head. “I’ll have Borah take you two to the field respite for that bath and you can join us in about an hour for dinner. I’ll take care of those 5-1 pieces in the meantime.”

Arrin says: He nods. “I hope we get a bed afterwards…”

Catamount says: The mouse laughs. “But of course!”

Arrin says: He nods again. “Alright then, it’s set.”

Catamount says: Jozra stands as a small gray mouse, obviously Borah, approaches. She touches Soquan’s shoulder and smiles gratefully at Trey.

Arrin says: He grins at Trey. “Thank you.”

Catamount says: The ferret bobs her head and echoes Soquan’s sentiment before turning to the other mouse who leads the two out of the cave and back into the tunnels.

Arrin says: He follows the mouse also, his paw gently resting on Jozra’s arm to know which way to go.


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  1. Orion Fulcry

    Hehe, Soquan, you rogue. Wonder what would have happened if he had asked for his entire share.

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